Grout Color Sealer

Here is a great article on grout color sealer.  Especially regarding the new “do it yourself” influx of sealers being advertised.

Why to use or not to use a grout color sealant on your floor?


grout color sealer woman

Does this look like fun? Imagine 1000 sq ft of tile and grout? Yikes. Clean and maintain your floor to avoid this issue.

Does this look any fun to you?  How about letting a professional clean and maintain your grout?

If your grout is cleaned properly then there is absolutely no need for color sealing.  Once we clean it the way it should be cleaned, then we will provide you instructions on how to maintain your tile and grout surface.  We can provide you with maintenance cleaners that are easy on the floor and easy to use.  They do a great job of cleaning and rinsing.  You have learned from previous posts how important the rinsing aspect of cleaning is to the longevity of a clean floor.

Grout color sealers can cure a bad spot or stain on grout, but very rarely would we recommend an entire floor be color sealed. Often the person or companies that are pushing color sealing in Tampa are the same ones that cannot get the grout clean in Tampa. Color sealing in very isolated cases can be the answer to a problem with dirty grout. Most of the time it is a band-aid to covering up dirty grout that has not been cleaned properly.

The best advice that we can give is to let us test clean an area on your floor to see if it is even needed.  Less than 1 out of 100 tile and grout floors need to be color sealed.

Want to see our work in action ? Take a look at this video of some tile cleaning in Brandon FL.