Frequent Questions


QUESTION: Do you charge a fee for estimates?

No. We provide free in home consultation within our service area.  For our commercial clients, we are happy to schedule an appointment to discuss your floor maintenance needs as well as demonstration if appropriate.

QUESTION: What makes you different from all the other “tile and grout cleaning” companies that showed up during my search?

  1. Experience – 17+ years of cleaning and sealing all types of floors, primarily hard surfaces.
  2. Expertise – this only comes from being out there and “DOING” it.  So many variables to experience to learn how to solve them.
  3. Effective – Our experience, expertise, and equipment combination makes us the most effective company to bring your floor surface back to new.
  4. Efficient – Having the unique equipment that we do, makes us very efficient in doing the best job possible.
  5. Excited – We love what we do, we want to provide the same excellent service for your friends and neighbors.  We want YOU to tell them about it!

QUESTION: What do I need to do to prepare for cleaning?

We only ask that the area to be cleaned is free of any fragile, delicate, small, or loose items. We will include light furniture moving, but we ask that you move any antiques, electronics or fragile items prior to our visit.  All loose items on the floor – baskets, chairs, small plants, small rugs, small tables should be removed from the area prior to arrival.  All pets should be put in their own area for their safety while we are working.

QUESTION: How long will it take to have my tile cleaned?

Although there are a lot of variables, usually we say about an hour for every 500 sq ft of tile and grout to be cleaned.  We are extremely efficient as well effective.  We do a fantastic job while quickly getting you back to normal in your home or business. 

QUESTION:  How long will it take the floor to dry?

For tile & grout cleaning, your floor will be ready to use when we leave for the most part.  We dry the floor as we go with commercial fans.  This allows you to return to normal more quickly as well as lets us inspect the grout for spots as we go so we can see the grout dry. 


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