Before & After Tile Cleaning in Brandon FL

Here is a good example of the type of tile and what was used as a weekly cleaner that caused this floor to get excessively soiled over time.

We see many homes in Brandon and Valrico FL with this tile cleaning issue.  We have successfully cleaning dirty tile similar to this on many occasions.  This can be caused by pets (body oils), cooking oils that went airborne, cleaner residue, or not sufficiently drying the floor after cleaning.

Our cleaning process of applying a specially designed cleaner to a floor and removing it with a 240 degree heated commercial style steam machine.  It will return the floor to a like new condition for the homeowner to enjoy for many more years.

Tile cleaning example

Great picture showing a dirty tile build up that is being cleaned.

This tile was very rough in texture. This caused some of the dirt over time to stay in the groves of the tile. This dirt was loosened, but not removed during normal cleanings.

This caused the build up to grow and spread onto the grout. As you can see, starting anew would give you a year or more of “new” looking floors.

After restorative cleaning you also have the option of our grout color sealing service.