Natural Stone Cleaning and Sealing

Natural stone is gaining popularity both indoors and out. From pool decks, outside hardscapes, and driveways to interior floors, countertops, and bathrooms, stone adds warmth and rustic charm to any home. But like any other surface, natural stone does get dirty and dingy over time.

We are Tampa’s stone cleaning and sealing experts of marble, granite, travertine, limestone, slate and all other natural stone in Tampa FL. Our powerful truckmounted steam cleaning plant can blast away years of dirt and grime revealing your stones original beauty.

Restorative Cleaning:  This is our process for removing all dirt, oils, spills, and contaminants from your natural stone surface.  This is done through a variety of methods utilizing chemistry, manual and machine scrubbing, and industrial size steam machines.  Large enough for your business and gentle enough for your home.

Maintenance Cleaning:  Once a restorative process have been to clean your natural stone in Tampa, a less involved cleaning process can used to maintain the beauty of the stone floor.

Polishing Natural Stone:  This multiple step process is done to restore the beauty and shine back to a travertine, limestone, or marble floor.  Polishing travertine in Tampa can be achieved after a thorough cleaning and prior to sealing.

Sealing Natural Stone:  Sealers are everywhere.  Which one to choose?  More often than not, this task is best left to a professional who knows which sealers will work best for your individual circumstance.  Stone sealing in Tampa can be successful and result in your stone floor lasting longer and staying stain free.


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