Color sealer haze

Color sealing or “painting your grout” seems to have been the craze for the past few years. Your local home improvement stores are stocked up on this product with point of sale marketing telling you how easy this is to do. Color sealer comes in many different brands and colors. There have even been the famous infomercial showing how to take a “pen” with color seal in it and use it in ten minutes to apply to your kitchen floor. As many any DIY project, about 10% can do it successfully. So, it is not impossible but the after effects of not doing correctly will be very painful as explained later in another post.

The real truth of color sealing is that it is not as easy as it looks. The need for color sealer came about mostly out of the need to cover up the stains in grout. Not many people knew 10 years ago that grout could be cleaned and cleaned very effectively. Most of the professional companies that started doing this, did this out of a need to cover up what they could not get out of the grout. What if a company could clean your grout well enough not to need to color seal it? Look at these pictures to see for yourself.


Have we done color sealing? Yes we have colored sealed 4000 sq ft of commercial bathrooms to a bathroom vanity. We do color seal in the rare instance of permanent staining or if a client wants to slightly change the color of the grout.

One of the results of color sealing a tile and grout floor is that the color sealer will leave a haze on the tile after you completed it. It is very important to get this haze up quickly and completely upon completion. This picture was taken about a week after a popular carpet cleaning franchise color sealed the grout. They left a very large amount of haze on the floor. The clients were actually told to get a mop and mop it off themselves. This type of service and response to client concerns is a very common occurrence in our industry.

It is very important that you know who you are calling by doing enough research to find comments and reviews about the company as well as having a “gut” feeling on who you are dealing with to care for your floors. In summary, color sealing can be done (if necessary) successfully. However, it very rare that we would suggest a client do this because cleaning the grout to natural state is more cost effective and much better long term. We will follow-up on this point in another post.