Travertine cleaning and sealing

Travertine cleaning and sealing is becoming much more popular in Tampa as the housing market returns back to normal.  Travertine pavers are so much more beautiful than standard concrete pavers, and a favorite for pool companies to install on new homes.

We have heard over the past few months that pool installation companies in Tampa have been telling their clients NOT to seal travertine pool decks.  Once the pool is installed then they, the pool company, move on to their other projects.  What happens when the travertine stone pavers are faded in two years?  Who do they call?  Whose fault is it that the stone was not sealed properly in order to protect the color and beauty of the stone.

We have been sealing travertine successfully for many years. are experts in sealing all kinds of surfaces and most importantly travertine.  We can offer 1 year, 2 year, and 5 year warranty on your travertine pool deck.  Your travertine pool deck can also be sealed without the fear of leaving a SLIPPERY travertine surface.

Enhancing natural stone through sealing it is the easiest way to protect it, enjoy it, and make last longer than if you do not.

Call us today about sealing travertine pavers, indoor travertine floor, and travertine back splashes.  813-263-6465.

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