Cleaning and Sealing Pavers Tampa FL

These pictures will show a few projects that we have done over the years.  They were cleaned with a hot water steam cleaner.  The hot water does a few things that helps you as the paver owner.  The heat (200+ degrees) allows a more thorough killing of the mildew and algae that has grown in the pavers and paver joints.  This heated steam cleaning also helps to remove some of the residual sealer that may have been used from previous years.  In some cases we have to use a liquid chemical stripping agent with the heat to strip off the old sealer.

Once they are clean and stripped clean of all dirt, mildew, algae, and old sealer that has turned white, we then start the resanding process.  We use a special sand to resand the joints to replenish all the old dirty sand that we pressure cleaned out of the joints.

Now the transformation process begins with the resealing of the pavers.  Our time tested (7+ years) sealer is now applied via a special spraying system evenly to all the pavers.  It is also applied to the joints of the pavers to lock the sand in the joints.  The joint sand should stay in place around two years and not wash away during heavy rainy seasons of Florida summers.

Tampa pavers also pose a unique issue of turning white.  We have figured out via hundreds of thousands of square feet of pavers how to avoid pavers turning white.  We also GUARANTEE that the pavers will not turn white over the first two years after we seal them.

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